Episode 005: Barry Katz


BARRY KATZ, the comedy mega-manager who made Dane Cook the biggest comic on the planet since Steve Martin in the 70s and oversees the careers of countless other comedy stars. He talks about what makes a great comic, how PC fanatics and the #MeToo movement are affecting comedy and much more. 

Original Broadcast Date: 3/30/19

Episode 004: Rick Springfield


Hosts Antonio Delgado and Carl Kozlowski are joined by new occasional host Zo Rachel - one of American media's fastest-rising black conservatives to interview RICK SPRINGFIELD, the man behind Jessie's Girl but has an amazing career with a dozen other Top 40 hits, two acclaimed books, tons of acting, and a new tour of his greatest hits with a full orchestra.  

Original Broadcast Date: 3/23/19


Episode 003: Scott Adams


The guys take on the mystery of what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did with a missing million dollars in campaign funds, the controversy over Drag Queen Story Hour for young kids, laugh at the rapper who had a half MILLION dollars in jewelry stolen while eating at a Cracker Barrel, and have a great interview with SCOTT ADAMS, the creator of Dilbert and author of the bestselling book Win Bigly, as he explains why he's impressed by Donald Trump while describing his own politics as "left of Bernie Sanders."

Original Broadcast Date: 3/16/19

Episode 002: Danny Seraphine


The guys take on the ridiculous onslaught of transgender athletes, show how you can build a vacation around staying on the set of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, praise Jon Stewart's congressional appearance to raise money for 9/11 first responders (and his praise of Trump's handling of the funds), and then have an in-depth talk with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and founding drummer for the legendary band CHICAGO, Danny Seraphine about his surprising 50-year history in the music biz. 

Original Broadcast Date: 3/9/19

Episode 001: Brian Kiley


Antonio and Carl discuss the bizarre story of actor Jussie Smollet and his incredible deception, the stupidity of one sporting good store owner's protest against Nike's Colin Kaepernick ads, Barack Obama’s surprisingly heroic speech to young African-American men, and then interview comic Brian Kiley, the head monologue writer for the TBS show CONAN and one of David Letterman's all-time favorite comics.

Original Broadcast Date: 3/2/19