Episode 030: Art Laffer


Ron has a bucket list experience geeking out on economics with legendary economist Art Laffer, who created the two biggest tax cuts in American history under Presidents Reagan and Trump! He and the guys get schooled on everything about economics and the Laffer Curve, while Art expounds in really funny fashion! Also they take on the week's news, including how New York City will now fine you $250,000 if you say "illegal alien," how a city building in Portland had a $195 million overhaul but forgot to include urinals, and how actor Randy Quaid (Cousin Eddie from the "Vacation" movies) is getting ready to clean out the s***er in Washington, DC by running against Adam Schiff! You gotta hear this!!

Episode 029: Jeremy Cowart


Jeremy Cowart was named the "Most Influential Photographer on the Internet" by Huffington Post, Forbes and Yahoo in 2014. He's also an incredible creative philanthropist and the author of the terrific motivational book "I'm Possible: Jumping Into Fear and Discovering A Life of Purpose". He shares his wisdom with the guys, after a hilarious first half in which they talk about how Argentina's economy is so bad people can't even afford condoms and how Colorado just became the sixth state to legalize toplesness for women and much more! Fasten your seatbelts, it's a wild one!

Episode 028: Jamie Kennedy

Jamie Kennedy on Man Up

Jamie Kennedy, stand-up comedian, television producer, screenwriter, and actor reveals his wild path to success and the ups and downs of being politically independent in Hollywood. In the first half, they break down the stories of how Alyssa Milano went from hating to kinda liking Sen. Ted Cruz after a Twitter battle over guns led to a real-life face-to-face meeting that stunned her, Carl paid tribute to the late great rock star Eddie Money by telling stories about an odd interview he had with him once, and we take on the firing of Shane Gillis from "SNL" for racist jokes.

Coming at you humorously from the frontlines of the battle for free speech, this is one hour that satisfies!

Episode 027: Peggy Grande


Ronald Reagan was one of America's most iconic presidents, and continued to fascinate people after his retirement. This episode Peggy Grande talks about her inside look at his life by serving as his personal assistant for a decade after the White House, and she tells the most interesting, touching and entertaining stories in her book, "The President Will See You Now: My Stories and Lessons from Ronald Reagan's Final Years."

Episode 026: Southside Johnny


Perhaps our funniest interview ever, as Johnny - known as the grandfather of the "Jersey Sound," the reason Jon Bon Jovi became a singer, and a huge collaborator with Bruce Springsteen - cracked wise about his career, favorite stories and state of the music industry. The guys also talk about a British study that shows we're all more crazy-impatient than ever, the first "Transracial" guy (he thinks he's Filipino cause he likes the food), and our funniest check-in about our lives ever. Get ready to laugh!

Episode 024: Anthony Griffith


Anthony Griffith has had an amazing career with an Emmy and six standup performances on the Tonight Show. He's also faced some major battles including Multiple sclerosis and the tragic death of his young daughter. He has come through it all with his wit intact and has a new book with his wife called "Behind the Laughter" and tell us all about it in this very special episode!

Episode 020: John Lloyd Young


The guys had a HUGE show this week, with Tony-winning actor John Lloyd Young, the star of the legendary Broadway show "Jersey Boys" as well as the movie of it! They also ripped through a ton of news topics, discussing the trans Canadian woman who's sued 16 waxing shops because they refused to handle her male bits, how the crazy city of Berkeley has eliminated all uses of the word "man" (even on manholes and manpower!), other PC insanity, plus a Hero of the Week and TWO different Boneheads of the Week! You gotta hear this!

Original Broadcast Date: 7/27/19

Episode 018: Mike Wilson


This week, the guys play host to hilarious comedian and master impressionist MIKE WILSON, who does more than 700 voices and is up for Entertainer of the Year on Princess Cruises! They also break down Harvard's punishment of students who join single-gender campus groups (that means you, frats and sororities!), whether air conditioning is sexist and the family that beat the hell out of each other on video at Disneyland!

Original Broadcast Date: 7/13/19

Episode 017: Andrew Dice Clay


Andrew Dice Clay is one of the few comics to last three decades on his own highly controversial terms - and he's about to make headlines again on a national tour with the equally outrageous Roseanne. He talks with the guys about that sure-to-be-wild tour, as well as what it's taken to stay on top in the comedy biz for so long, his surprisingly acclaimed dramatic acting career and how he scored the role of Lady Gaga's father in "A Star Is Born" over Robert DeNiro and Ray Liotta.

Antonio and Carl plus guest host Kevin Corcoran have some laughs over the Colin Kaepernick/Nike Betsy Ross shoe controversy, consider whether they'd give their 5-year old kid CBD oil, and freak out over what happened to a guy who died the grossest imaginable death after eating a gecko on a dare. Man Up and listen!

Original Broadcast Date: 7/6/19

Episode 016: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

MAN-UP-Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.jpg

The guys welcome ROBERTO AGUIRRE-SACASA, the creator of Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - two of the most popular shows on the planet- to talk in a rare interview about those shows and his new play Good Boys at the Pasadena Playhouse! Along the way they talk about the Duke lacrosse scandal, parental outrage, boycotts, and the tragic death of Luke Perry.

Original Broadcast Date: 6/22/19

Episode 015: Tom Dreesen


This week's a hot one, with the Ron and Carl discussing the robot takeover of the American workforce (and wondering if robots mean Carl will finally get some action?!), plus Justin Bieber's bizarre UFC Octagon challenge to Tom Cruise, and the Bonehead of the Week - the Human Ken Doll! Plus they hear the amazing life stories of comedy legend TOM DREESEN, one of four comics invited onto David Letterman's show every year of his 30-year career and performed as Frank Sinatra's opening act for decades!

Original Broadcast Date: 6/15/19

Episode 014: Tom Papa Redux


This week we riff on Meryl Streep taking the side of men and saying there's no such thing as toxic masculinity, discuss Harrison Ford's announcement that he's starting to shoot Indiana Jones 5 at age 78 and wonder how THAT’S gonna work out and how old is too old to be an action hero? Plus we salute our Hero of the Week - a guy who's found a way to donate more than 600 pairs of shoes to the homeless of Chicago!

Original Broadcast Date: 6/8/16

Episode 013: The Babylon Bee


THE BABYLON BEE (www.babylonbee.com) is one of the funniest satire sites in America, taking aim at the left particularly but hitting just about everyone from a Christian yet undeniably hilarious point of view. Two of its three-member team, ETHAN NICOLLE and KYLE MANN reveal themselves as the wizards behind it all on this very funny episode. The hosts also discover the hypocritical male-female pay differences in presidential candidate Kamala Harris' campaign, point out how insanely difficult it is to meet a woman in China, and spotlight a guy who managed to scam KFC out of a year's worth of chicken by pretending to be from the home office!

Original Broadcast Date: 5/25/19

Episode 012: AJ Jacobs


This week, Antonio Delgado and Carl Kozlowski are joined again by guest host Kevin Corcoran for what might be our funniest interview yet! The guys talk about the release of serial pervert and former Congressman Anthony Weiner's release from prison (lock up your wives and daughters!), the bizarre court case involving a defective condom in a Yale sexual encounter, and a guy who dressed up in a suit and took a limo around South Africa just so he could scam free chicken dinners from KFC for a year! Our special guest is AJ JACOBS, who discusses his long and insanely funny career as an immersive journalist with the New York Times #1 best sellers The Year of Living Biblically and Drop Dead Healthy

Original Broadcast Date: 5/18/19

Episode 011: Pete Holmes

MAN-UP-Pete Holmes.jpg

PETE HOLMES is a comic with a lot on his mind, including a spiritual quest to find a connection with the divine that has taken him on all sorts of interesting paths. He's also funny as hell, of course, and he sat in with host Carl Kozlowski and guest hosts Kevin Corcoran and Adam Gropman to discuss his new memoir Comedy Sex God and his just-ended terrific HBO sitcom Crashing, and of course, the meaning of life and the universe. Plus, they discuss the latest in the NXVIM sex cult trial and how cult leaders manage to have such game over women, and explore the terrifying wonders of jeados and janties.

Original Broadcast Date: 5/11/19